The idea of the symposium is to connect bioavailability science with practical work at industry and regulation. The programme is highly interactive, so industry and regulatory delegates will have the chance to participate through a questionnaire and discussion groups. They will also obtain tools for applying bioavailability concepts into their own work. All participants will work and discuss together on a given issue.

View the 2-days programme and/or download the full programme (updated 1 Oct) and meet the speakers.

All the topic discussions will cover the different questions underlying the application of bioavailability concepts:

  • What do we need for a realistic risk assessment of organic chemicals accepted by all stakeholders?
  • Which scientific approaches & methods are suitable for practice?
  • Which parameters can be used and which results are useful for regulators?
  • How to fit bioavailability concepts into environmental risk assessment procedures in a regulatory frame­work?
  • Implications for European regulatory frameworks (REACH, WFD, pesticides/biocides regulations)
  • The role of bioavailability in managing contamination by the remediation industry in a realistic way.

The final format of the output of this symposium (book, position paper, journal special issue, etc.) is currently under discussion.

Note registration is still possible.

Do not hesitate to contact Roel Evens if you have any questions.